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ADDRESS: Boxuan Yuan, Jinhai Bridge, Dagu South Road, Hexi District, Tianjin

TEL: 86(0)22-2330-3293

FAX: 86(0)22-2339-2381


Company News

To sell your national Medical Devices in China you should apply the product registration at SFDA firstly (named CFDA presently). Please check the following related regulation: Initial Registration of Import Products

During the valid period of 5 years since registration, you should settle related works carefully in conformance with the regulations so that you could apply re-registration after 5 years. Please check the following related regulation: Re-registration of Import Products

We have sold the European and American Medical Devices in China for many years with professional sales team,fixed sales channels and elaborate Customer Care team so as we have provided our high-quality after-sales service. Likewise,we are familiar with the work of applying the import of medical devices so that we can provide free register service for our customer factory Principals and take the charge of Chinese government and those customers in the Chinese medical area.

Please contact us any time. We will offer constructive advice according to your consult in time.

The English webpage is still taking on. The Chinese webpage shows our agent products selling in China. Please contact us:

f SFDA Initial Registration Of Import Products.pdf
f SFDA Re-registration Of Import Products.pdf


Swallowing Signals Lab, Model 7120B


Minimally Invasive Laser Operative Instrument

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